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- Skin Care Services -

Find peace in our private, serene salon and experience safe, advanced technology combined with the highest quality natural ingredients to rejuvenate your skin and control acne. Specializing in personalized facial treatments and stress-free waxing that will leave your skin looking beautiful and feeling renewed.



Elisa James


Owner and Aesthetician, Elisa James, founded Urban Escape Salon with the vision of creating a garden sanctuary in which to nurture beauty and escape the usual salon frenzy. With a passion for exploring innovative natural ingredients, equipment and technique, her goal is always to give Urban Escape's clients the best.

Known for her skin rejuvenation treatments and gentle, soy Brazilian waxes, she takes special effort to provide clients with a totally private, relaxing experience.

In addition to Urban Escape, Elisa is an active volunteer with community nonprofits and is on the Abbot Kinney Festival Board of Directors.

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